Whitening gel refills kit : our three best-selling flavours


No need to buy an entire teeth whitening kit again ! Our whitening gel refills are meant to make your teeth whitening last and to help you to preserve a dazzling smile longer.  Our whitening gels contain less than 0,1 % of peroxide, so you’ll whiten your teeth up to 8 shades without any damages nor pain for your sensitive tooth enamel ! 



Product description 

You won’t have to buy a new teeth whitening kit again thanks to Keeth whitening gel refills!  

Keep your beautiful smile longer thanks to our best-selling flavours (raspberry, strawberry and mint). 

Keeth offers you a wide range of delicious flavours to extend your teeth whitening until you get the result you desire.  Being delicious is not the unique advantage of our teeth whitening gels, they also contain less than 0,1% of peroxide not to damage your enamel. 

Taste 3 different flavours thanks to our gel refills kit: raspberry, strawberry and mint.  

With our teeth whitening gel, you are guaranteed to have: 

– Fast, long-lasting and visible results from the first use
– Dental cares respectful of sensitive teeth thanks to their composition
– Whitening gels that have been laboratory-tested and certified in compliance with European standards  

An exquisite and bright result 

Our whitening gel removes stains caused by coffee, tea, cigarettes… It is effective, whatever your teeth natural colour is. Enjoy a whole new dazzling white smile, after only a few uses. Indulge yourself and unveil your new smile in only a few minutes 

Smiling makes you happy 

It is scientifically proved that smiling is excellent for your health and your well-being. Smiling makes you attractive, improves your self-confidence, helps you get rid of negative energies and insomnia, relieves stress, stimulates the immune system, protects from cardiovascular diseases, and it has so much more positive impacts ! 

Smiling makes life more beautiful ! 

How to use

Use the gel refills with your Keeth whitening kit 

Teeth whitening 

  1. Fill each gutter evenly with about 1 mL of raspberry-flavoured, strawberry-flavoured or mint-flavoured whitening gel and place them on your teeth. 
  2. Turn on the mini LED lamp, place it between your lips to speed up the teeth whitening process. 
  3. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes if it’s your first use, and 30 minutes during the next uses 
  4. Remove the lamp and gutters, rinse your mouth thoroughly, and clean the gutters 
  5. Smile, your teeth will be perfect and whiter for a long time! 


Whitening gel : 
Glycerine, propylene glycol, carbomer, peppermint oil,  triethanolamine, mica,  carbonate peroxide sodium, aqua, scralose, limonene 

This pack contains:  
-1 10mL raspberry-flavoured whitening gel syringe
-1 10mL strawberry-flavoured whitening gel syringe
– 1 10mL mint-flavoured whitening gel syringe 


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